Loft conversions and extensions

Interest in loft conversions is increasing as home owners look to add more space to their properties. The majority of loft conversions fall under permitted development – in other words, you don’t need planning permission to have one.

Quick and Simple

Dormer Loft

A simple dormer loft is the most popular type of loft. This loft extension generally requires no major changes. An extension of a dormer loft usually gives you one or two additional bedrooms and a bathroom. They are suitable for almost every house in the UK, and usually are built under the permitted development act.

Creates the Largest Amount of Space

L-Shape Dormer Loft

L-shape dormer can be built on Victorian and Edwardian terrace and end-of-terrace houses. This type of loft extension offers you the largest amount of space

Best Value

Hip to Gable Dormer Loft Extension

This type of loft extension can be built on any semi detached or end of terraced house. This loft conversion extends on a sloping side of the roof, and gives you a massive change in terms of space and visuality of your house.

Most Options

Mansard Loft

This type of loft conversion gives you a bricked up party walls and a flat roof in between them. Front and back dormer walls slopes inwards usualy at 72 degrees, and has small dormers for windows or french doors. It is mostly built on terraced houses. As well it can be single or L-shaped


Velux Loft

It's the simplest loft conversion if you don't want to expand existing space at all. Simply add windows and stairs and you can get a comfortable living space. Its usually cheaper, and its most likely approved in conservation areas.

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